Today I want to share some awesome work by Vienna based artist Simon Häussle.
Simon is a member of collective TONTO in Vienna, a platform for Image/Text/Literature. Their chosen medium is the comic.
A busy man, Simon is also part of the team organizing and curating projects for Kabinett, a mini-exhibition space at MQ Wien, entirely devoted to comics.
His art work however can not be reduced to the genre of comics alone, he also works in illustration and drawing and occasionally organizes shows for bands, with artwork drawn by his cousin Idon Mine.
drawings and comics have been featured in several exhibitions, such as Swimming Pool im Zeichenfeld at the Ministry of Education in Saarbrücken, or Early Birds at Kunsthalle Karlsplatz in Vienna. For upcoming shows and events check out his blog: SIMONS HAUS.


Simon Häussle, Four piece series for the HUMAN RIGHTS show at the ROTOPOL gallery in Kassel, Germany in July 2010.

All images: © Simon Häussle






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