One of the best aspects of living in Freiburg is that you have France and Switzerland at your doorstep. Strasbourg, Colmar and Basel are just about an hour’s drive away.
Colmar is an old Alsatian town, probably best known for its array of 16th century timbered oaken frame houses. When there, it can feel a bit like walking through a fairy tale Disney version of Europe. 

On one of our last visits we finally made it to the MUSEE UNTERLINDEN.
The museum showcases the Isenheim altarpiece, created by wood sculptor Niklaus von Hagenau and the painter Grünewald between 1512 and 1516, as well as medieval, modern and decorative art collections and an extensive array of archeological artifacts.
The complex consists of the medieval convent, housing the famous altarpiece and a new building created by HERZOG & DE MEURON architects, home to the various art collections, as well as a former Jugendstil bath house. Herzog & De Meuron have been responsible for the entire project of restoring the medieval part of the building complex and adding new structures to the existing exhibition spaces.
Well known for their work on other gallery and exhibition venues, such as Tate Modern, the Tate Modern II and the Vitra Schaudepot, it was bound to be a beautiful and exciting space.
I can’t recommend a visit strongly enough. If you ever go to Colmar do check it out, it will be one of the most extraordinary spaces you have ever seen.